How to Keep Your Tiny House Safe

Tiny House Security

Following a string of robberies, tiny home security became a major concern. Because of its portable nature, people have begun attaching little dwellings to their vehicles and speeding away with them.

Although the majority of these stolen miniature homes have since been returned, it is nevertheless unnerving to think that someone could steal the entire house in a matter of seconds.

Small House Security

Tiny home security protects the household’s privacy as well as its safety. To secure the home, Tiny Property Builders recommends installing locks on all exterior doors and windows. You may start by purchasing stuff for the front door. Because little home windows are frequently constructed better than those found in RVs and also most mobile homes, any door lock will suffice. Let’s take a look at some of the options for protecting a tiny house.

Install Blinds and Shades

Tiny House Security

Tiny houses are very common to have several windows, usually at least eight. We love the windows because they let in natural light and cool cross breezes, making the room feel more spacious and airy. Adding blinds, curtains, or shutters has an aesthetic appeal as well as the capacity to regulate interior temperatures and, more importantly, prevent criminals and others from peeping inside the property.

People passing by are often drawn to the little houses, and many may approach them to take a photo or peek inside. Even if no one is attempting to harm you, it is best to maintain your privacy by closing the blinds, drapes, or shutters when you are not at home.

Attempt to make the house immovable

Tiny House Security

Robbers will not steal or move a house if they are unable to move it. So, for guarding a small house, disabling the wheels is one sure way to block them from moving it. Just make sure they’re safely stored somewhere. The first place where thieves will look for tires is in the immediate neighborhood.

If the tiny house has an extended coupler, remove it or secure it by replacing the bolts that hold it in place with safety bolts. There are various types of security bolts available, including some that need the use of a special keyed tool to remove. If you do not replace it, robbers will be able to get around any locks you have installed.

Secure the Tiny House

Tiny House Security

There are several options for preparing for minor home security issues. Between the wheels, a heavy-duty chain can be run. Wheel locks resembling towing service boots are available. Hitch locks prevent the house from being tethered to a towing vehicle. However, do not take the manufacturer’s efficacy claims at face value.

Take a peek at YouTube, and you’ll be swamped with videos showing people outwitting the same technologies. Do your study while weighing your options to ensure you receive the best value for your money.

Among the many options available, we recommend the Proven Industries hitch lock. Their locks outperform practically everything else on the market and are extremely tough to break.

Setup a Surveillance Camera

Surveillance cameras, for example, are very efficient theft deterrents. There are two types of security cameras: those that record videotape locally on a video recorder (DVR) and those that send a videotape to “the cloud.”

Cameras that store onsite video have several benefits, including the ability to capture higher-quality film and the elimination of the need for internet access. Nonetheless, in the event of a break-in, the DVR’s dominating look implies that any evidence it captures, along with the majority of the other objects, maybe deleted, rendering it useless.

Internet-connected cameras require an internet connection. This allows the cameras to store their film somewhere safe from theft or damage.

They can connect to the server via the home’s internet or, if none is available, a cellular network. Keep in mind, though, that cameras that use the cellular network are significantly more expensive, and each camera will require its data plan.

Surveillance cameras are our preferred method of security because they not only alert us when someone enters the property but also show us who it is. Even if the thief switches off the power and disconnects the internet, the burglar’s image will be caught if the camera is properly installed.

Install a GPS tracking device

A GPS tracker is a very useful piece of technology that can assist us in recovering our home if it is looted. A GPS tracker, like a phone, uploads its location, so we always know where the small house is.

The objective is to disguise the gadget so that a thief cannot discover it and disable it. GPS trackers vary in price, with the majority requiring a monthly subscription fee. For example, the SPOT Trace may provide real-time location information to the smartphone.

A Tile is a less expensive option. This device does not include a GPS. As a result, it relies on the GPS of nearby phones running the Tile App. Any smartphone running the Tile app that comes close to it logs the location and notifies users when a Tile is labeled as lost.

As a result, the burglar may unintentionally divulge the location of the stolen residence. Just bear in mind that the battery in a Tile only lasts about a year, therefore it must be replaced regularly.

Upgrade your security system

On the market, there are many different types of security systems. A security system will be ineffective if your home is in a remote location since it requires someone to hear or respond to it. Allowing an alert to sound if no one is around may make a burglar feel uneasy and scare them away.

If the small house has internet access, get a sensor that will notify you via your smartphone whenever it shuts off automatically. This way, when the user is not present, they can seek the assistance of others to investigate. Keep in mind that, while many security devices come with backup batteries, modems do not.

As a result, if a robber unplugs the house before breaking in, the broadband might go down and the user wouldn’t notice until it was too late. To avoid this, we recommend utilizing a cellular-based alarm and assuming that the burglar will not be patient enough to wait for the sensor’s battery to run out.

Install locks on your doors and windows

The advantage of tiny house doors and windows is that they are of higher quality than RVs or mobile houses. This allows you to jump right into a more complex process. You will need a strong door lock to keep the tiny home security difficulties at bay. Deadbolt Locks, Keyless Locks, and Smart Locks are required for a small house.

Last Thoughts

As much as we enjoy having a tiny house, we are concerned about its safety. You may secure your tiny house by implementing the security methods outlined above.

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