Tiny Home in Alabama

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Tiny Home in Alabama?

Tiny houses have grown in popularity in recent years. It is one of the most important aspects of the minimalist lifestyle. It has the potential to reduce your living arrangements and costs. This type of lifestyle is attracting a lot of young people. They can travel and explore more because these tiny homes offer lower […]

Tiny House Security

How to Keep Your Tiny House Safe

Following a string of robberies, tiny home security became a major concern. Because of its portable nature, people have begun attaching little dwellings to their vehicles and speeding away with them. Although the majority of these stolen miniature homes have since been returned, it is nevertheless unnerving to think that someone could steal the entire […]

Window Designs

Window Designs for Tiny Houses in 2022

While the tiny house or small home is a relatively new concept in housing, it has instantly resonated with a large number of individuals. Numerous individuals choose small dwellings as temporary or permanent housing alternatives. For additional inspiration, continue reading below about tiny house window designs. Due to the difference in living space and sizing […]

Roof ideas

Ideas for Tiny House Roofs in 2022

Your tiny house’s roof should be a top priority because it is the most important structural component, protecting you from the elements and keeping the home insulated. The structural architecture of your tiny house roof, as well as the components used to build it, will determine how the roof is built. These two characteristics can […]

Solar Panels to Power a Tiny House

How to Use Solar Panels to Power a Tiny House

Homeowners all around the world are choosing smaller homes in order to reduce their energy use and material possessions. Despite the fact that these homes are substantially smaller than the average home, they require a large amount of power for lighting, heating, cooling, and other equipment. If you live in or want to build a […]

power your tiny house

How to Install Electric Wiring in Tiny Homes

It is not easy to power your tiny house entirely on your own. For the most part, a tiny home is set up similarly to a standard home, though some more nomadic people prefer to have a temporary abode rather than a permanent one. Many Tiny Houses are built with wheels to allow for movement […]

How To Make Tiny Homes Last Longer

How To Make Tiny Homes Last Longer

There is no such thing as an infinite life span for a property. Traditional houses are built to last anywhere from a few decades to a century. The lifespan of a tiny house differs greatly from that of a standard structure. They are not only more vulnerable to nature, but they are also not made […]

tiny house zoning regulations

Zoning Laws Of Building A Tiny House

According to a survey, more than half of people in the United States would prefer to live in compact minimalistic homes rather than larger ones that provide almost no practical support. Regardless of how popular small houses are in America, numerous tiny house zoning regulations must be obeyed while constructing one. While tiny houses are […]

illegal tiny home

Living In Tiny House: What If It’s Illegal?

Living in a tiny house has advantages that traditional dwellings do not have. Tiny dwellings, for example, are more compact, less expensive, and more functional than larger ones with too much space that serve no purpose. However, even if you choose to live in a tiny house, you must be willing to deal with several […]

How to Safely Move Small Houses

How To Safely Move Small Houses

Moving is a major issue regardless of the sort of house you reside in. This is especially true when it comes to moving tiny houses. Because you live in a small movable house, there is a good probability that the plot where your house is located is either rented to you or part of the […]


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