Benefits of Living in Tiny House in Colorado

Benefits of Living in Tiny House in Colorado

The Colorado rental market is quite competitive these days, making it difficult to find a suitable site. Instead of looking for a typical home, you may be creative and look for a tiny house in Colorado.

Colorado is one of the three states with the highest density of tiny homes. Tiny houses have grown in popularity in recent years. People see lovely Instagram photos and believe they should strive to live in the same way.

Benefits of Living in Tiny House in Colorado

The decision to live in a tiny house in Colorado is heavily influenced by how you choose to live your life. People do not live in tiny dwellings for only aesthetic reasons; they frequently confront financial difficulties as well as a variety of other issues.

Regardless of your age, the small house price in Colorado is inexpensive and can be a great long-term investment. The following are the most common advantages of tiny houses:

  • Clutter is reduced
  • Cleaning time is used more efficiently
  • Additional cost saving
  • Improved life quality

What You Should Know About Colorado Tiny Houses

Benefits of Living in Tiny House in Colorado

Most cities in Colorado, like many other states around the country, have no statutory limits on tiny houses. Instead, they rely on previously stated constraints for equivalent structures. A tiny house, for example, is classified as single-family housing in Aurora. It must be built on a larger lot than those used for mobile homes and must adhere to all city regulations.

It entails connecting the structure to the city’s water and sewage systems, which is sometimes referred as to as “living off the grid.” To live off the grid, you’d need to own a piece of land in Colorado.

In other communities, these very small structures have been grouped with RVs, particularly in the case of a tiny house on wheels. This is the situation in Lakewood, where a little residence should only be used for a brief period. If it is more permanent, it must be erected on a foundation and must adhere to city requirements comparable to those in Aurora.

Is There a Minimum Square Footage Requirement in Colorado for Tiny Homes?

Colorado is not one of the places where the size of a tiny house is strictly regulated. They follow the accepted definition, which states that most tiny houses are between 100 and 400 square feet in size.

However, anything less than 1,000 square feet is considered a modest house in this neighborhood. As a result, before you put the finishing touches on your Colorado small house, be sure you know its exact proportions.

Is it Possible to Live in a Tiny House on Wheels in Colorado?

Benefits of Living in Tiny House in Colorado
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One of the most appealing features of tiny houses is their capacity to be mounted on wheels. Because of their mobility, its owners can simply move or relocate from state to state. Whatever your reason for relocating, a compact mobile home can be an excellent option.

The majority of these tiny residences on wheels aren’t considered homes. They are categorized as recreational vehicles (RVs) and are not meant to be used full-time.

However, you can use them for vacations or live in them seasonally in an RV park or even in the backyard of an existing home. This is determined by the zoning limitations in your neighborhood and town.

The only trouble with living in a tiny house on wheels full-time is that it may be illegal.

The Best Places in Colorado to Build a Tiny House

If you don’t have a certain city in mind for your little house, you could wish to consider communities with fewer stringent laws. Colorado’s cities and counties are some of the best places to build a tiny house:


Photo by: Daniel-Brim

Walsenburg, Colorado, is a small town in southern Colorado with a population of only 3,000 people. Zoning laws were altered in 2014 to allow people to build tiny dwellings on residential properties.

They must be erected on a foundation, so no tiny houses on wheels are authorized, but if you own land, you’ll probably want to do that anyway. Furthermore, your home will need to be connected to the city’s sewage and water infrastructure, which is generally more comfortable than other tiny living homes.

El Paso County

Photo by: Teresa-Kopec

Tiny houses on wheels, as previously said, are typically viewed as recreational vehicles in which people are not permitted to reside full-time. Depending on where you reside, your city’s restrictions may indicate that you can only dwell in your tiny house for 2 weeks to 180 days every year.

El Paso County was one of the first in Colorado to reclassify small dwellings as self-contained housing units. People can live in their little homes throughout the year if they are erected or parked in authorized areas and pass inspection.

Follow the Proper Procedure

The best approach to find out if you may build a tiny house on a specific parcel of land is to contact your local zoning committee. Based on the zoning restrictions, these maps should show you how each property can be used. Look for properties that allow RVs or additional housing units.

If you have any questions, ask a municipality authority in your local municipality if your small home on a plot of land would be permitted. They should be able to point you in the proper route and provide you with the necessary paperwork.

How to Build a Tiny House in Colorado

  • Determine if your tiny house will be stationary or transportable.
  • Choose a location.
  • Investigate local zoning and construction regulations.
  • Obtain any required permits.
  • Purchase little house blueprints.
  • Select an electric power source.
  • Make a list of the materials you’ll need.


With the current state of the real estate market, few people starting or preparing to retire will purchase a little house in Colorado. You can, however, buy a tiny home for yourself if you want to start investing earlier in life.

The small lifestyle is a practical alternative for transitioning to a more energy-efficient home and a minimalist lifestyle. So, don’t think twice before starting to live in a tiny house in Colorado.

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